Monday, June 1, 2009

8 weeks to Bryce / 3 weeks to summer games tri

Run: 12.75. Bike: 117 miles, plus 1 hour spin. Swim: 3100 m. Other: 1 hour.

It was a good week. I had some great workouts and a lot of fun.

Monday: 93-mile bike ride. Tom and I got to go it was tons of fun. We averaged 17 mph. It took us right around 6 hours with two stops (bathroom, drinks, etc). We rode all over the county and did a big portion of the Ironman route.

Tuesday: 4.5 on the tread. I ran the first mile easy and tried to do 3 tempo miles (7:25, 7:40, 7:33). I was supposed to do them all at 7:25 but my legs were definitely fatigued from the ride. Hopefully I will do better this week.

  • 1 hour of spin at the gym
  • 1200 m swim at Sand Hollow. I went with a group of friends. It was good. I used Marilyn's wetsuit, which is short, but I still felt good. Mindy swam with me without a wetsuit and stayed right with me. I think it took us about 30 minutes.
  • Track workout. 2 x 200s (:48, :50), 5 x 800 (3:16, 3:18, 3:20, 3:22, 3:26) 2 x 400s (1:38, 1:35). This was hard, harder than 10 x 400s last week, but it was good.
  • Futsol game. We lost, but I got a good workout and had fun.
Friday: 700m swim at the pool. Wow! This was hard. I much prefer the lake and a wetsuit. I should work on my form in a pool, but I suck so I think I may just stick to the lake.

Saturday: Brick workout - 1200 m swim followed by 24-mile bike (summer games course). Ashley, Carol and I met up with the southern utah tri club. A fun group.
  • Swim. 1200 m in my new wetsuit (woohoo! xterra vortex 3 sleeveless.) I love it. I felt awesome, came off like butter and kept me afloat. Took two minutes of my time. 28 minutes.
  • Bike. 24 miles around sand hollow. 17.8 mph. I felt good and just rode on my own. This was my first time on the Sand Hollow hill this year so I wanted to see what I could do. I would like to get my speed over 18 for the actual race.
I plan to work real hard this week as well and take it easy the week before the race. Then, I will start focusing more on the half. But I am having so much fun riding and swimming.

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